The disconnected office

Has the disconnected office become normality?

The disconnected office

CRMs, marketing automation, telephony integrations, HR systems, training platforms (the list is seemingly endless) are all ‘solutions’ to help us to be more productive, more efficient and ultimately sell more products or services.  But with the rise of the machines have we made everything so complicated and disconnected that we are no longer able to understand what our customer wants and needs?


All the above are powerful tools which have huge benefits BUT as they have evolved the user experience and the customer have seemingly been forgotten.  Let’s be honest we have all sat there getting frustrated because we can’t get the information we need to make informed decisions from our CRM. Equally, we have all received a call when you want an email or vice versa – can these simple mistakes be avoided or will we just continue to work in a disconnected way?


We are working in a world where the customer is king, but our systems can be so disconnected from each other that we are turning our customers off before they have even started their journey with us.


A CRM should help you manage your relationships in a carefully crafted, easy to access and understand system.  Sadly, the focus is no longer on the customer and the relationship.


Until Now…..


Imagine a world with a CRM that has been designed with the customer at its core.  That works across every department in one intuitive and seamless experience.


A CRM that enables you to communicate with your clients and customers in a contextual, personal and conversational way.

A CRM that can help you to significantly improve your processes.

A CRM that you can use wherever you are ending the need for late night admin sessions.

A CRM that by design is very simple to use to ensure engagement from your staff.

A CRM that is designed for the businesses of today…


Introducing Sentle


Our mission is to put the ‘Customer Relationship’ back in to CRM and in turn make client management and communication a breeze via intuitive and engaging features and functionality.


Sentle has been designed with communication at its core. Integrated multi-channel communication features (SMS, Voice, Email and Social) alongside class leading organisational features.


Sentle is the only product you will need to successfully manage and engage with your clients and customers.


The team here at Sentle has a wide range of experience in product development, design, business development and operations which has ensured that the solution works for every department, is straight forward to use and delivers results.


Launching v1.0 is just the beginning…