It’s the height of summer, you were up at 5:30 in the morning, bags packed and the car’s now loaded. Today is the start of the family holiday and you have a lovely 3 hour drive down south to Bournemouth. With the kids safely in the back and the satnav primed you head off. Oh what a glorious day this is going to be!


No sooner as you depart you hear the dreaded words. “Daaaaaaad… are we there yet?” As this is the first time in asking, and it really is such a lovely sunny day, you politely reply back, “No not yet, it will be a while yet”. 5 minutes later “Are we nearly there yet?”…… I’m going to skip 3 hours ahead because you know how this goes. You’re frustrated and tired from the constant hammering of questions, you’re probably wondering if you can get away with leaving the kids at the next service station. The kids have had enough, they’ve been without WiFi for far too long and it’s taking it’s toll…rather than find a way to amuse themselves like we had to as children,  all they did was constantly wonder ARE WE THERE YET and are annoyed at getting the same answer.. NO GOD DAMN IT NOOO!!!!


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