Customer and Client Data, organised

Contact Management Features

At the heart of Sentle is the contact database where all your client and customer data and activity history is neatly stored. From the address book to the activity timeline, all the data you need is never more than a couple of clicks away.

Client Data Management

Central Address Book

Sentle’s intuitive address book and contact centred design ensures you’ll have all the data you need about your members at your fingertips. All data is easily searched, with shortcuts to actions such as sending SMS or making click calls a breeze.

Contact Data 

All contact data is clearly laid out, with data integrity maintained through features as phone number validation and address lookup.

The Sentle Timeline

All activity including conversations be that via telephone or text message are stored and searchable on the contact activity timeline.

Customising and Searching

Custom Fields

Custom fields of various types (dates, drop down lists, check boxes etc) can be adding offering flexibility to your important contact data.

Info Tags and Searching

Prescriptive information tags can be added to contacts making accurate contact searches and the creation of contact groups a breeze.

Integrated Calendar

Schedule tasks and one off or recurring appointments within the Sentle calendar. Automatic notifications and alerts can be easily configured for convenience and the reduction of ‘no shows’


Document Management System

Secure and Accessible Cloud Storage

As Sentle is hosted in the Amazon cloud, you can be sure that your documents and data are being stored in the most secure cloud platform available. The benefits of storing your important documents and files in the cloud are various…increased security, disaster recovery, cost effectiveness, no more chunky filing cabinets and piles of paper cluttering the office!

Configurable Folder Structure

Folders can be easily created, named and organised so you’ll have all your key customer data available, exactly where you expect it to be.

Easy Access 

Storing your documents in the cloud means that so long as you are using Sentle you and your colleagues will have access to all your documents and files.

Productivity and Efficiency

Task Lists

Organise and track specific workflows related to your day to day processes with visual progress displayed on screen. Templated task lists can be automatically added to all new contacts for added efficiency.

Scheduled Tasks

Schedule specific tasks and actions via the Sentle calendar where progress can be tracked and measured. Tasks can be linked to other tasks or specific contacts.

Automated Communication

Communications and alerts can be automated to be triggered and sent to your clients and customers. These could be appointment reminders to messages of thanks upon receipt of requested documentation.

Product Integrations 

Whether syncing email directly with Gmail, Office 365 or sending invoices directly to your favoured accounting package, Sentle’s growing list of product integrations will ensure a seamless fit into your day to day operations.

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