Taking the pain out of recruitment

Sentle helps restore candidate communications

Taking the pain out of recruitment

Since the birth of Sentle we have spoken to many SMEs in various business sectors about adopting a CRM system to manage their customer data and communication more efficiently – subsequently helping them prioritise and focus on key tasks to grow the business and increase revenue. That’s the nitty gritty of it.


Sentle’s mix of core CRM and fully integrated communication features means it is being picked up by various business types, one of which we’ve found resonating well is recruitment.


By getting close to this sector we’ve learnt that a recruitment agency is a fast-paced environment, highly dependent on clarity of communications and good management of data. Recruitment teams work long hours, in and out of the office, they need to be up to speed on all candidates and flexible in terms of response, there’s no room for delayed comms, lack of information or general ambiguity.


By adding Sentle into the centre of these busy environments we can immediately see the impact. To put it simply Sentle rescues and restores….


Integrated communication means that everything is in one place and recorded alongside the candidates records so all texts, telephone calls and emails are available allowing a recruitment agent to be totally up to speed at any given time, this is made visible by the contacts activity timeline so the agent can quickly access all communication history.


Reviewing telephone interviews via integrated call recordings is simple to do and adds peace of mind that information given during the conversation is stored.


The tag system has proved a real winner in terms of text messaging job or shift alerts to candidates where specifics skillsets, experience or qualifications are required. Texts are sent out easily to a group or single candidate with a position filled quickly via the two – way conversational messaging. A massive time saver!


Agents can then book agreed shift patterns into the integrated calendar which also sends text reminders to candidates.


All of this activity can take place in or out of the office, a key requirement in the life of a recruitment agent. Essentially, they can log in to Sentle anywhere or via our bespoke app on their mobile to manage their candidate comms.


The same goes for document storage, being cloud based all candidate documents are stored securely and can be accessed from anywhere – very accessible and very flexible.


We’re confident Sentle will make a real difference to recruitment agencies as we gain experience and customer feedback, it’s certainly something we can happily shout about. We asked Kingston Noble, a career consultancy based in Birmingham and Sentle customer since 2017, to help us spread the word.


Kofi Aboagye – Director, Kingston Noble Career Consultancy.


‘Since we’ve been using Sentle to manage our candidate communication and data it has transformed our working day, whether in the office or working remotely. Now we are able to track all text based shift alerts, responses and telephone calls in one place, with the call recording feature really useful for listening back to candidate interviews.


Gone are the days where we had to pass a mobile phone around the office to monitor candidate messages and responses. Sentle has been a real game changer for us allowing us to spend more time scaling our business and client base’





A rubber stamp from the industry and a great benchmark to improve on.

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