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Organised Client Data and Personal Communication

Customer satisfaction and retention is important to any business regardless of type. An organised client database and engaging communication strategy are key factors in ensuring ongoing success.


At Sentle we’ve made managing your database a breeze via our intuitive UI and functionality. Features such as 2-way conversational SMS, auto text notifications and integrated voice also mean you can cater your communication strategy to perfectly suit your client-base.

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Intuitive Contact Database

Contact Address Book

All contact details conveniently stored in one easily searchable list.

Sentle Mobile App

Take Sentle with you on the road with all activity updated and stored in your central Sentle system.

Document Storage System

Secure and configurable storage system for all contact files and documents.

Activity History Timeline

All activity for each contact is stored and displayed in an visual timeline.

Calendar and Appointment Manager

Set up appointments, meetings, reminders etc with automated text notifications and alerts.

Task Lists

Build ordered lists of tasks based on your specific business needs and processes.

Multi-Channel Communication

Integrated Telephony

Click to call contacts very easily through the main Sentle UI. No dialling of numbers, simply click on a contact’s number or the ‘make call’ shortcut.

Call Recordings and Notes

All telephone calls made through Sentle are recorded and easily accessed from the contact activity timeline making it easy to listen back to previous conversations where required.

Conversational SMS (text messaging)

Single or group text messages can be sent out of Sentle with your clients easily  able to respond, with each conversation individually stored against their contact activity timeline.

Text alerts and reminders

Automatically update and remind clients about calendar activities, with messages personalised to further enhance engagement.

Email Integration

Easily hook up your emails to Sentle to allow you to keep all communication with your Sentle contacts in one place.

Case Study – inBOS

“At inBOS we are busy managing the back office processes and financial compliance for various self employed and contract workers. Sentle has transformed our day to day operations in many ways.  Conversational text messaging, shared communications in addition to the intuitive timeline and the ability to finally ditch our cumbersome spreadsheets has really enhanced our day to day processes and client interaction”


Trudi Knowles – inBOS


Conversational SMS has vastly improved our communication with our clients. Having a choice of communication channels ensures that we can retain a personal approach.


The Sentle contact database has made it a breeze to manage our clients and their data. The activity timeline is especially useful when we need to refer to past communications or document uploads.


Sentle's task lists have made the processes we follow for each of our clients much more efficient and error free with all relevant client data and communication at our fingertips. Goodbye old excel spreadsheets!

Ease of Use

The team at Sentle have made a product that is so easy to use with everything we need in one place, which is a great improvement on what we had before. Sentle is so straightforward to use. We love it!

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