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Task Lists and Workflows Made Easy!

From a simple to-do list to more detailed client specific workflows and automated communication, Sentle is designed to work with you to improve your business processes driving productivity and efficiency.

Productivity Focused Features

Task Lists

Organise and track specific workflows related to your day to day processes with visual progress displayed on screen. Templated task lists can be automatically added to all new contacts for added efficiency.

Scheduled Tasks

Schedule specific tasks and actions via the Sentle calendar where progress can be tracked and measured. Tasks can be linked to other tasks or specific contacts.

Automated Communication

Communications and alerts can be automated to be triggered and sent to your clients and customers. These could be appointment reminders to messages of thanks upon receipt of requested documentation.

Product Integrations 

Whether syncing email directly with Gmail, Office 365 or sending invoices directly to your favoured accounting package, Sentle’s growing list of product integrations will ensure a seamless fit into your day to day operations.

Case Study – inBOS

“At inBOS we are busy managing the back office processes and financial compliance for various self employed and contract workers. Sentle has transformed our day to day operations in many ways.  Conversational text messaging, shared communications in addition to the intuitive timeline and the ability to finally ditch our cumbersome spreadsheets has really enhanced our day to day processes and client interaction”


Trudi Knowles – inBOS


Conversational SMS has vastly improved our communication with our clients. Having a choice of communication channels ensures that we can retain a personal approach.


The Sentle contact database has made it a breeze to manage our clients and their data. The activity timeline is especially useful when we need to refer to past communications or document uploads.


Sentle's task lists have made the processes we follow for each of our clients much more efficient and error free with all relevant client data and communication at our fingertips. Goodbye old excel spreadsheets!

Ease of Use

The team at Sentle have made a product that is so easy to use with everything we need in one place, which is a great improvement on what we had before. Sentle is so straightforward to use. We love it!

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